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Our story

Compileit was founded in 2017, then under the name AppUniverse. It was as a result of a combination of Jonathan Ortheden's early career in the IT world, circumstances and well known clients. But let's take it from the beginning, now that it was given that Jonathan started coding very young. Already as a 14-year-old he had created an app that made it possible to save posts on Snapchat, even though posts on Snapchat was intended to disappear after ten seconds. The year his app was launched, it became one of the most downloaded in the world, top 10. At the same time as Snapchat got a little angry and asked Jonathan to shut down his app, otherwise… Apple noticed the young Swedish entrepreneur and in connection with the development of the Apple Watch, they asked Jonathan to come to the USA and be part of the team that developed apps for the Apple Watch. The rumor about the ingenious Swede spread from the USA to Sweden, and new assignments awaited.

In parallel with this, Isak Utegård worked as a developer and came into contact with some Swedish entrepreneurs in California who had developed a product they called "Stilla". That's what Apple calls the AirTag. In other words, a "tag" that you can attach to keys, your bike, car or anything else you wanted to keep track of. After that project, Isak worked at everything from IT communication agencies to IT consulting companies such as Spotify, Akademibokhandeln, Acando, CGI, etc. The latter made Jonathan and Isak’s roads to cross, which in turn became the start of what is now Compileit. This is how it is; Jonathan is an impatient person who wants the user, simplicity and functionality in focus when it comes to the so-called front end in apps. Isak has exactly the same focus when it comes to the web. Both have super control over where the front and back ends meet, how they should be operated securely with homogeneous code and at low cost. They, the founders, have also realized that we have developers and coders in Sweden who are world-class and want to build an all-Swedish IT company and challenge existing IT giants and their outdated business models. There you have Compileit.