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From idea to completed app

Most people have used an app at some point that is so flexible and easy to use that it becomes part of your everyday life. That is exactly what we are working hard to achieve. It is often easy to draw erroneous conclusions about how a product should work. We test things on real users to see what actually is good and works.

Our process

  • Crystallize the idea and the benefits with the app

  • Sketch out flows on Post-it notes

  • Build a first version (prototype) quickly and start testing on real users

  • Refine design and layout

  • Build Appstore optimized for search and launch

If you have ever used an app and become annoyed that it is slow, crashes or that it is difficult to find what you want to do, you will understand why it is important.

Our three golden rules

  • Always think of the user of the app

  • Always test to find out what works best

  • Minimize charging times and avoid crashes